What is Cashaam?

Cashaam is on a mission to eliminate cost barriers to small and medium-sized businesses. Our approach is to leverage Artificial Intelligence technology with a simplified dashboard to make it easier for everyone to run their online business without a struggle. We are a culturally diverse team and keen to see growth for minority-owned businesses and uplift them to compete favorably in the eCommerce space. Our mission is to support every business regardless of race, color, or creed. Our global marketplace connects businesses across the globe.

Global Marketplace

Allow United States customers to purchase authentic items from Africa & the Caribbean - vice versa.

Zero Barriers

Reduce barriers to entry by providing sellers with free ads, education, and zero monthly fees. Increasing market share.

Simplify eCommerce

Use single view dashboard design and WhatsApp technology to increase user retention rates, making it easy-to-use.

Our Values


Cashaam is more than another eCommerce platform, it is a community of businesses


Simplify and be 100% transparent in fees


Build great things but humble to learn from others. “Know it all” attitude is not tolerated


Have a healthy disregard for the impossible as we build the future of commerce

Our team is made up of 100% passion and 101% skills. We pack gear from top tech and eCommerce companies like Google, IBM, and more who want to change the world.