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+ Cashaam

FirstBank has partnered with Cashaam for businesses to create an online store to sell on Amazon and earn in dollars.

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Access Amazon’s $100B+ marketplace

Sell more, do less
Quickly Create your store to sell your product on Amazon.

Single Inventory Management
Add Products, Print Shipping Labels, and Manage orders from a single dashboard.

Own your customers
Grow your brand beyond Amazon with your own standalone e-commerce website.

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A smarter way to earn in dollars

"We've been selling and earning in dollars since my company Indulgence Fashion started selling with cashaam and now we have sold over $5,000."

- Ajayi Halima
CEO Indulgennce Fashion NG

Start selling on Amazon

Come for Amazon.
Stay for everything.

Plus everything you need to create your e-commerce store and start selling on Instagram, Facebook, Google, and more.

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Sell on a website

Create a new website in just 15 minutes with simple, customizable design tools. No coding or software installation is required.

Sell on social media

Easily add and sell products on your Facebook and Instagram feeds to let shoppers browse and make purchases from inside their favorite social media channels.

Simple, easy payments

Get paid by anyone, anywhere in the world. Receive your earnings into your domiciliary account.